Since 2003, Phasis has helped clients identify potential growth opportunities, assess the likelihood of those options/markets and provide insight into the regulatory and environmental issues that affect their business operations now and in the future.

At Phasis, we employ up to 22 Consultants for project-specific contracts in their geographical and professional area of expertise.

They are marketing, CSR experts, engineers, geologists, economists and former company executives who tackle projects from specific to broad in nature.  They have experience in areas around the world where you want to expand your company and major projects are being developed.

At Phasis, you can rest assured that when we embark on your project, we see it through from start to finish, then we empower and train your internal staff on how to take it over and own the successful outcomes.

Our Mission

To find the best way for our clients to operate profitably and sustainably wherever in the world they do business.


Phasis Consulting was founded in 2003, in Calgary, Canada.  At first the company focused on market intelligence and research into unconventional energy sources, filling a void in expertise at the forefront of innovation in unconventional resource plays.

Given the depth of talent in the Phasis network, we were able to provide a far broader range of services to our clients, who wanted us to be more than a research firm.  

Phasis has worked with local, national and international clients to help them connect with the right people, systems and technologies to sustainably grow their business.

We have earned the reputation as a trusted, experienced and outcomes-oriented advisor to companies operating in the energy, oilfield services, mining, IT, retail, biosciences, agricultural and metals industries.


Over the past decade, we've expended our service offering and our client roster significantly to capture the demand for financial and operational management expertise.

  • We've worked with companies looking at conventional oils; others exploring new areas, like the Duvernay; and others who are examining the potential of oil sands plays.
  • We've assembled a group of experts to bring stakeholders together to discuss Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and what it means to their bottom line.
  • We've re-developed the Corporate Strategy of a Toronto-based mining company operating in Africa, including developing their CSR strategy.
  • We've completed projects for companies and government agencies on the feasibility of adding conventional and unconventional resources to fill growing energy demand.  And we've advised clients on the fundamentals necessary for maintaining growth of those supply sources. 
  • We've organized the successful expansion of a publicly traded Calgary-based company in Latin America.
  • We've advised a NYC-based private equity firm on expanding their portfolio to acquire assets in Ghana.