Independent, Sound, Focused Advice

Phasis: Your Trusted Source for Global
Market Entry, Strategy & Intelligence 

Phasis is a strategic independent global energy consulting and advisory firm.  We provide integrated services that help our clients establish a local presence in various countries around the world with vast reserves of energy, even after they're successfully operating in the local markets, we work with clients to formulate strategic decisions for growth, investment, acquisition and divestitures.

Phasis offers the private and public sectors with comprehensive, in-depth analysis and research on global expansion, local industry dynamics, global energy markets intelligence, latest technology development assessments, geopolitics, environmental and corporate social responsibility issues affecting industry.

Experience within local energy markets sets Phasis apart
from the pack

Phasis offers experience, localized exposure, and access to key industry players.  Our consultants have worked and lived in many of the countries or continents where major energy and mining projects are currently being developed.  That experience, coupled with an understanding of issues that affect the future supply/demand, and dynamics of their local energy markets, allow them to deliver cutting-edge market entry strategies that will optimize your global expansion project(s).

Multi-disciplinary skills allow us to offer beginning-to-end solutions

Our Consultants are CFOs, CSR experts, Engineers, Geologists, Economists, past company executives who can tackle projects that range from very specific to broad in nature.  Our focus is providing the best solutions to our clients' issues, every time.